Why the PPP?

PPP for Math 147/151/171

Studies have shown that  students who pass their first calculus class with a grade of C or better, are much more likely to graduate and earn their engineering or science degree in four years. Students who earn a score of 22 (out of 33) on the Texas A&M Math Placement Exam (MPE) have much higher chance of obtaining a grade of C, or better, in their first calculus course. Additionally, these students are more likely to earn their degree in four years. For students whose MPE score is less than 22, the statistics are not as favorable. A student, for example, whose score is an 18 (out of 33) on the MPE has a 55.9 percent chance of obtaining a grade of C, or better, in their first calculus course and thus, they are not as likely to earn their bachelor’s degree on time. These statistics, and the desire to position students for better success in college mathematics, are the driving forces behind the Texas A&M Department of Mathematics’ Personalized Precalculus Program (PPP).

Students in the Colleges of Engineering and Science (with the exception of the Department of Biology) must take their MPE in an online proctored environment before starting the first year of college. The PPP is a good way for students to review material before or after taking the MPE.  All  students who did not obtain their desired score on the MPE can retake the MPE one time.  PPP is great program for those who need help for MPE re-take. For more information about MPE re-take, click on the MPE online re-take link above.

PPP for Math 142

The success of PPP for Math 147/151/171 has been so great that the Texas A&M Mathematics Department has designed a similar program for students who need to take Math 142. The department anticipates that students who enroll in PPP for Math 142 will be better prepared for the calculus course they take at Texas A&M. The goal is to improve the overall success rates for students in Math 142.

Summary of Program format

Real-time Online Group Tutors

The strength of the PPP is the synchronous, online group tutoring sessions. For each 2-hour online session, students all log on at the same time and a math tutor leads the small group of students in a virtual math class. These sessions are designed to help to correct students’ misconceptions, fill gaps, strengthen the students’ mathematical foundation, and help move each student to higher levels of mathematical understanding. The 2-hour online sessions are “live” and interactive. Each student has an opportunity to interact with other students and the tutor by asking questions, discussing math content, solving math problems, and answering questions posed by the tutor. Each tutor is an experienced math teacher who has been trained in all forms of technology for the program.

Independent Work Opportunities

Students enrolled in the Personalized Precalculus Program will have access to high quality videos and review sheets they can access when needed.  The review sheets and videos can be found in online classroom and will be available to the student for an entire academic year.

Required assignments with individual feedback

Assignments will be given two to three times per week.  These assignments will be rigorously graded bu tutors so students get the individualized feedback they need to improve their math skills.