The Precalculus Preparation Program (PPP) at Texas A&M University is a three-week, fully online program designed to improve the success rates of prospective students who will be taking a calculus course at Texas A&M. The short summer sessions are designed to reinforce, or reteach, the prerequisite concepts and skills that are needed for students to be successful in calculus.  This type of on-demand learning is helpful for all students, but particularly those students who have demonstrated weakness in their mathematical skill set as gauged by their score on the TAMU Math Placement Exam (MPE). We strongly encourage students who scored 70% or below on their MPE to enroll in a summer PPP session to strengthen their skills before taking their necessary math course in the fall semester. To view the dates of the summer sessions, click on the Summer 2024 PPP Dates link.

The TAMU PPP program offers multiple three-week sessions throughout the summer. To accommodate for the varying schedules that students have in the summer, the three-week sessions start on different dates throughout the summer.  Additionally, morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are offered in an effort to accommodate students who may work or have other obligations during the summer. The cost of enrollment for the summer 2024 session is $225 (Non-Refundable).  Scholarships for the program are available for students who demonstrate a financial need. Please contact the program  director.

The PPP sessions are all synchronous and led by highly-qualified math tutors.  All tutors in the program have at least 7-years precalculus or calculus teaching experience at either the high school or collegiate level.  Because the sessions are “live”, all PPP participants are able to interact with the tutor via voice over IP, webcam, or text chat. In the 10 years of PPP’s existence, students always report that the most valuable part of the PPP is the tutors that work with the students daily for three-weeks.

To learn more about the PPP, click on the links above or contact the PPP Director