At Texas A&M University, some students take the 1st attempt of the MPE proctored at their New Student Conference (NSC) and others take the 1st attempt online prior to coming to their NSC.  Students admitted to the Colleges of Engineering and Science (except for students admitted to the Department of Biology) take the MPE proctored on the second day of their NSC.  All other students take the MPE online prior to their NSC. Details regarding MPE retakes for these two groups of students are given below.

Group 1: Students accepted to the Colleges of Engineering and  Science (with the exception of students from the Department of Biology)
Students in this group have one opportunity to retake the MPE and have two types of opportunities to choose from: (1) Take one online-proctored MPE after completion of the Personalized Precalculus Program, or (2) take an onsite proctored MPE during Howdy Week on August 20 or August 22. The higher of the two MPE scores will be used for placement purposes.

Students who complete the PPP can sign-up for the online-proctored MPE retake at one of the times/dates listed below.  Students  will be given more information on the sign-up process during their PPP sessions.  Student who score high enough on the MPE retake to place them in Calculus 1 should contact their academic adviser for any necessary course changes in their fall schedule.

Dates of online-proctored MPE: June Dates:

  • June Dates: 22 (8am-8pm), 23 (8am-8pm), 24(8am-noon)
  • July Dates: 6 (8am-8pm), 7 (8am-8pm), 8 (8am-noon), 13 (8am-8pm), 14 (8am-8pm), 15 (8am-noon), 20 (8am-8pm), 21 (8am-8pm), 22 (8am-noon), 27 (8am-8pm), 28 (8am-8pm), 29 (8am-noon)
  • August Dates: 10 (8am-8pm), 11 (8am-8pm), 12 (8am-noon), 17 (8am-8pm), 18 (8am-8pm), 19 (8am-noon)


Group 2: Students from the Department of Biology and all other majors NOT in the Colleges of Engineering or Science

Students in this group can take the MPE a total of three times but there is a two-week waiting period between attempts. It is recommended that students complete the PPP before attempting any retakes. To retake the MPE, students log into, go to the My Applicant tab, and following the instructions for the Math Placement Exam.